Cloud computing is the rage across much of RTGX's DoD and intelligence community customer base. RTGX is working at the core of efforts for a variety of customers and developing agile Cloud Computing solutions for our customers.

Some of the technologies we are leveraging include Cloudera's CDH 4, Storm to enable real time processing, VMware, OpenStack, Geospatial solutions that enable location based visualization, Apache Accumolo, Avro for data serialization for large data processing by Hadoop, Flash Memory for accelerating real time analytics, Mongo DB, MYSql, Storm for real time data processing vs Hadoop HDFS for distributed batch processing, ASDF and for non Cloudera environments we use OceanSync to manage the the cloud cluster environment. We are a prime contractor and subcontractor on cloud computing efforts. RTGX also conducts research and has developed cloud computing frame works and cloud computing management tools and solutions.