Department of Defense
RTGX Lands DoD Mission Logistics Contract
Baltimore, Maryland — May 18, 2015
Ross Technologies, Inc.(RTGX) has been awarded a multi-year mission logistics contract.

RTGX will support DoD mission logistics operations and execute functions essential to the smooth and timely execution of critical logistic functions that support key systems, hardware and other mission essential elements worldwide.

RTGX is a key provider of enterprise network and systems engineering expertise on prime contracts, many of which included logistic focused task orders makes the new contract is a perfect fit for RTGX.

The new contract expands RTGX’s portfolio that includes prime contracts for audio/visual, multimedia and video teleconferencing design build, maintenance and integration, advanced custom encryption development for sensitive data repositories and the implementation of Schneider Electric’s Data Center Infrastructure Management software and technology.

RTGX’s cyber portfolio includes advanced development of Big Data Analytics and Visualization of network, wireless communications and social media traffic as well as Intrusion Detection and Defense. Furthermore, the RTGX contracts portfolio includes contracts that focus on the management of cutting edge cyber defense and exploitation.