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RTGX launches Cyber focused Training and Pearson Vue Certification Testing

Baltimore, Maryland — May 26, 2016

RTGX Teams up with Dovestech LLC and Digital All Systems Founder, Lance Lucas in support of Baltimore City Community College Pre-Cyber Instruction curriculum needs.

The Team is delivering a customized pre-cyber and A+ focused instruction curriculum to students at the RTGX training facilities designed to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to embark successfully on the path to the more complex and challenging cyber curriculums offered by the RTGX-led team that when successfully completed lead to successful careers in the one of the top technology fields in the world.

The Team is developing partnerships to develop and deliver a number of customized cyber-focused classes not typically available and that in many instances require experience, training and/or education in software engineering, electrical engineering, signals intelligence, manufacturing, network engineering, mathematics and a number of other disciplines. As an example, the team has a program that teaches the fundamental elements of how hacks can be developed using the common power sources such as electrical outlets or the techniques used to hack cars, tractor-trailers and drones but also how to detect vulnerabilities and the available mitigation options, if they exist.

RTGX is also a Certified Pearson Vue Testing Center with weekday, evening and weekend hours allowing us to be one of the few certified testing centers that cater to professionals needing off-hour access to certified testing.

RTGX is a one stop shop for the in demand curriculums and certified testing needs.

Why is this so important?

The Baltimore region is one of the top hubs for cyber technology and careers. With many Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, Federal and State agencies headquartered either in Maryland or within a 50 mile radius of Baltimore the demand for real world cyber skills is ever increasing. For instance, for companies with a primary focus on contracts with the Department of Defense there is an insatiable demand for skilled malware reverse engineers, and developers that can build the next generation of malware detection solutions and active cyber defense and offensive tools needed to thwart the infinite number of new cyber attacks being launched against companies.

This high demand and consistent shortage of skilled personnel requires the development of a constant stream of cyber skilled resources in all manner of disciplines. To add to the complexity of the problem, the Baltimore region's Defense and Federal sector not only require top notch cyber talent to perform the day to day operations that monitor and defend our nation’s most valuable assets but they also require individuals that can be approved for access to sensitive data requiring the utmost trust and ability to protect the information and tools used by the most sensitive of customers.

The need and threats are not all Government focused. Supporting the large Government sector cyber needs are government contractors and commercial entities that supply services and solutions to this unique cyber eco system. Every supplier and government contractor is a potential target for intellectual property theft, targeted malware, data exfiltration and targeted implants designed to disrupt the customer base and supply chain that relies on this cyber eco system. This cyber eco system is world wide with a heavily government and defense-focused segment headquartered throughout the Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

For more information on certified testing and our various technology training curriculums, contact RTGX today.