Department of Defense
RTGX Team Recognized for Improving World Wide Cyber Response capabilities for major DoD Agency

Baltimore, Maryland — June 8, 2016
RTGX operates all over the United States and even overseas as required by our customers. Our cyber expertise spans a broad horizon that includes cyber policy development, compliance, cyber data visualization and collaborative product development research, Security Operations Center (SOC) staffing, early warning systems, SOC and command center multimedia solutions and a broad array of analytic solutions amongst other capabilities. Recently one of our major DoD customers recognized our team for excellence in improving the efficiency and response times associated with our cyber defensive operations. 

The result of our team’s recent efforts to improve the ability of the customer’s cyber operations resulted in the realignment of previously non-integrated functions into an operational cell that helped shorten the kill chain decision cycle and greatly improved the effectiveness of the organization’s ability to analyze, respond, mitigate and detect threats to the environment. The team improved the effectiveness of the 24/365 cyber operations increasing worldwide cyber situational awareness and ability to respond. The team was recognized for driving innovation, reductions in operational cost, and streamlining of operations leading to a reduction in operational errors.

RTGX serves a diverse group of customers such as the Department of Defense, Department of State, State and Local Government and commercial customers.  Our offerings include Managed Cyber Security Services, Big Data Analytics, Audio Visual Design Build and Multimedia Production, Video Teleconferencing, Enterprise Network Management and Cyber defensive and offensive solutions.