Department of Defense
RTGX scores again with the award of customer critical logistics subcontract by leading capture strategy
Baltimore, Maryland — June 26, 2015
RTGX was tapped to help craft a winnable approach to meeting one of our DoD customer’s mission critical logistic needs. RTGX was selected due to it’s already stellar record of partnering with Government clients in a manner that accelerates our staff’s customer mission understanding, customer collaboration and keen insight into how to best structure program management and consistent quality control. This formula has delivered continued project and mission execution excellence and in return, a high degree of customer satisfaction.

RTGX and its team will provide CONUS and OCONUS logistic coordination that is part of the critical path for major customer efforts.

The win is the third contract win for RTGX this month in the DOD sector and the 5th new customer added in the month of June.  RTGX closed two new commercial customer deals in South Florida to provide IBM and Oracle enterprise consultants in the business process, telecom billing software development and financial analytic software development. 

Other projects won include enterprise data center infrastructure reengineering efforts through a complete as-is review and new design that includes state of the art Data Center Infrastructure Management Software (DCIM) selection and implementation.