Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
RTGX’s A/V multimedia unit wins subcontract for CMS A/V upgrades

Baltimore, Maryland — November 16, 2015
Ross Technologies, Inc. (RTGX) and it A/V Multimedia unit has been tapped as the key subcontractor in support of planned upgrades for various Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services conference rooms. RTGX assessed the legacy aspects of the current installed systems and components and developed a plan for installing the required technology upgrades needed to bring the various conference rooms up to a higher and current standard.

As an experienced Design and Build company for audio video and video teleconferencing technologies, the firm has a deep and varied set of relationships with the top providers of technology for commercial and DoD audio, video and teleconferencing technologies. The firm is a key provider of design build and maintenance for audiovisual and video teleconferencing for the United States Naval Academy as well as the Defense Intelligence Agency. Both contracts are multi-year and multi-million dollar contracts with mission critical levels of service.

Key technology relationships the firm possesses include technology leaders such as Crestron, AMX, Sony and Cisco amongst others. Our services are provided across the United States and we design and maintain solutions that help our customers reduce cost associated with corporate meetings, training and conferences. RTGX is currently engaged in the design of a video teleconferencing solution for a large commercial customer with offices throughout the United States. We have been tapped to first design a regional solution that ties together 5 local offices located within 2 - 12 hours driving distance from each other that will allow the customer to conduct training and sales meetings via video teleconferencing. The solution will reduce the cost of training regional staff through reductions in travel expenses.