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Can you defend and mitigate a Ransomware Attack?
RTGX’s Managed Security Service helps reduce the risk to your business from the most prevalent and even unique attempts to damage your ability to get to your data. We protect your business and customers from data exfiltration due to insider or outsider threats.
There is no such thing as 100% cyber risk elimination - only constant awareness from a team that is always watching over your network and information assets can reduce your risk and fully enable you with the most up to date cyber threat detection and mitigation capabilities.
In today’s ENVIRONMENT, no one can afford to ignore the realistic threat in our society’s pervasive use of network based technologies to manage our increasingly complex world.
Cell phones, appliances, power grids, financial markets and personal, business, Government infrastructure and defense all rely on technologies that are vulnerable to attack or information siphoning.

RTGX leverages its years of experience providing the intellectual talent needed by the Intelligence Community and other Department of Defense organizations to deliver critical thinking and solutions. RTGX is focused on the best practices as well as actively involved at the forefront of Cyber Security and perpetual innovation needed to protect our client's most valuable assets and to thwart threats to our Nation's security.

As a sought after partner in the Intelligence, Homeland Security and Military community, RTGX provides our customers and partners with:

RTGX Cyber Security
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NIST considering updates to the cybersecurity framework
The National Institute of Standards and Technology is considering updating its 2-year-old cybersecurity framework late next year, says Matt Barrett, program manager. In part one of a two-part interview, with Information Security Media Group, Barrett characterizes the revision as a minor update, not a major overhaul, but one that refines and clarifies provisions in the existing framework. "Just to be clear, we're not headed toward a version 2.0 right now; we're definitely not," Barrett says. "We're headed to something that's more like a 1.1."

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