Your data has a million stories to tell you.
    Are you prepared to listen?
Today’s data driven environments span the spectrum of financial, social media, cyber, video and much more.
Our customers want to understand their target markets and the effectiveness of their efforts to achieve market success and market share. Achieving brand recognition and sales through internet marketing is not just a local or regional effort for our clients and can mean listening and measuring the results of global social media based opinions and chatter about your brand. RTGX’s Big Data services are centered on working with our clients during all phases of development including obtaining the necessary data needed prior to product development or launch.
RTGX designs, builds and leverages existing proprietary and open source technologies so that our customers can discover the hidden value in their data. RTGX uses its experience within the DoD and commercial sectors helping our customers discover:
  • Trends
  • Risks
  • Demographics
  • Consumer sentiment
  • Cyber Threats
We tailor analytic algorithms and processing to your business needs and provide the data visualization needed to see what your data is telling you.

The benefits include:

Advertising effectiveness

We help our customers determine the return on investment in advertising dollars. Plan marketing and ad campaigns - We can help you determine if you are reaching the right audience and the right geographic markets for your product or service.

Post marketing analytics

Ok, so you had your launch events for your product, new music, restaurant, fashion line or Internet App. You hired the public relations and marketing firms to reach what you hope are the right influencers, customers and geographic targets. We step in and help you figure out if the money, stress, planning and glamour helped you reach your marketing objectives. This type of data is valuable in helping shape future marketing events and to better select your marketing and branding partners and tools as you move forward.

How we do it:

Using a combination of tools we ingest a variety of data from top social media applications including Twitter, Facebook, internet blogs and we enrich the data as needed with geographic, demographic and other open source and customer proprietary data.

We analyze data for sentiment related information so we can tell you whether your trending negatively or positively.

We ingest data from internet blogs and sites that follow your industry vertical and analyze what they are saying about your product, solution or service.

RTGX can also ingest your proprietary data and provide the analytic dashboards and visualizations needed to understand your data. Tell us what you are trying to find out or understand and we will build the analytics needed to get you the answers you seek.

RTGX provides analytic solutions for the following verticals:
  • Financial
  • Entertainment
  • Law Enforcement
  • Government
  • Medical
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
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