RTGX Success Story

The Department of Defense recently commented on one of RTGX’s talented CA Clarity Consultants.

“RTGX's Clarity Team is just something we cannot live without. The entire RTGX CA Clarity Team continues to show us the way towards better IT Project and Portfolio Management and has for the past 3 years have been and continue to be our quick reaction team supporting our constant need for up to the minute project and portfolio business intelligence. The RTGX Team is a beacon for excellence throughout our Directorate and beyond as demonstrated by the constant demand for them to demonstrate CA Clarity and its ability to assist in large scale project and portfolio management. RTGX knows this product and has shown us and others throughout the Agency how Clarity can provide the up to the minute budget and resource data that is needed to make key mission decisions in these times of conservative budgets. RTGX's Team has held our hands and taught us, provided constant capability expansion, have been patient with he often times complex nature of our decision making process. RTGX and its Team is the CA Clarity and Project and Portfolio center of excellence company, they came, they saw and they continue to conquer any challenge presented to them.”

Congratulations on a job well done, RTGX, could not do without you!”

- Customer Program Manager